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Source: Rounding the Earth Newsletter

Confirmation of Vaccine-Associated Mortality

By Mathew Crawford

September 24, 2021

If you cannot show me a peer-reviewed paper published in a corrupt medical journal backing your calculations of vaccine-associated mortality, I’m going to have to assume that these mafia organizations are telling the whole truth about their vaccine products without reviewing their data, and accepting the 0 in the mortality column that hasn’t yet been studied.” -Jeffrey Morris (paraphrasing)

Exhibit A: A Peer-Reviewed Paper in a Journal That Doesn’t Publish Surgsiphere or Obviously Absurd Research Pushed by Powerful Interests

A new hero has emerged. Mostly-retired scientist Ronald Kostoff, PhD, and a highly experienced team, just had their paper published. The appropriate, if understated title of the paper is

Why are we vaccinating children against COVID-19?

Let us appreciate his restraint in never using the word “assholes” anywhere in the paper. At the age of 84, he maintains a level of polite discipline in the face of assholes I can scarcely muster on my better days.

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