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Norm’s note (11/24/2021): I’d originally posted this August 14, 2021. But in in case you missed this, merely to drive home the principal underlying driver of this so-called pandemic . . . vaccines are not the only lucrative aspect of this profiteering operation.

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What follows is the “unrolled” version of a Tweet by Kevin McKernan:

Viability PCR exists.
Why is it not being utilized in C19?

What is Viability PCR?
Aka Capsid Integrity PCR.

It’s a method for only amplifying RNA that is inside a viral capsid.

Seems important for C19 given all the concerns over PCR Vs infectiousness.

There are several techniques which achieve this. The use of intercalating dyes is perhaps the oldest.
These dyes bind to free floating DNA or RNA and cross link it under UV.
Cross linked DNA/RNA doesn’t amplify.

DNA/RNA protected by a capsid is left unaffected.

So why isn’t the testing industry all over this?
It’s well known that your infectious window is 7 days and you can be PCR [positive] for over 30 days.
5X more people are positive if you don’t do this.

That’s bad right?
Not if you are a testing company charging people/insurance $300 per test. Most PCR is $3-30.

Every positive test leads to 2-5X more tests through contract tracing.

False Positives have an exponential incentive program.

If they dial back to only capture the infectious, they will only capture 1/5th the number of patients to be contact traced and each of those can result in 2-5 more tests.

This would wreck their revenues by an order of magnitude.

There is a secondary effect.
Since COVID testing captures 10X higher prices than traditional PCR for other diseases…

And the C19 market is a 100x scale up in a market in a year… all pipette tips, enzymes, nucleotides get vacuumed up by the tests with artificially high margins.

This means cancer tests can’t get supplies because we are testing asymptomatic kids in schools that don’t get sick.

This is central planning.

The monomaniacal focus on one political disease, creates bread lines.

More links on the topic.


Originally tweeted by Kevin McKernan 🙂 (@Kevin_McKernan) on August 14, 2021.