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Source: The Unforgivable Sins of 2021

Taking Back Our Freedoms – we will need each other

Very informative websites created by amazing human beings

By Jessica Rose.

I was on a call last night with some wonderful people. Again, this is one of the mixed blessings in this COVID-cootie-e-C-onomy-collapsing-cacophony of cowardice and coercion: the people that are being brought together. The call was about an hour and half and there were four of us. We seemed to become fast friends and beyond ‘getting the job done’ – the job being: the setting up of follow-up scheduled appointments between me and Canadian doctors and politicians – we were able to share stories and have a hearty laugh. In my introduction of myself, I was happy and proud to tell my new friends that I was a Newfoundlander for 17 years. And I learned in return that Brian Peckford (the former Premier of Newfoundland) is the Chairman of Taking Back Our Freedoms: the movement created by these amazing people that promotes a FREE CANADA. The True North – Strong and Free!

Our beloved Canadian flag. Flying FREE.

Taking back our freedoms and finding practical tools to do so is what this post is about.

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