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[Norm’s note: if you haven’t seen this debriefing of a conversation with Dr. Kevin McKernan on ‘what is being injected into us’ by way of the mRNA injectables, in terms of what gets transfected or expressed and the consequent probable biological effects, I highly recommend it (yeah, it’s longish, but I think there is a lot here of value for the layman): GigaohmBiological]

Source: Let’s Be Clear

What leads to more spike protein in the body: the vaccine or virus? Part 2

By Joomi Kim

Brief Background

The SARS-CoV-2 virus has a protein on its surface called the spike protein. The COVID vaccines available in the U.S. work by getting the body to produce this protein, with some modifications.

In a previous article, I went over multiple pieces of evidence showing that the spike protein alone, either from the virus or vaccine, was harmful.

In Part 1 of this article, I responded to an article by Uri Manor and Jeremy Howard. Their article claimed that:

(1) The amount of spike protein from the COVID vaccines was harmless or physiologically negligible.

(2) The amount of spike protein from the COVID vaccines was much lower than what one would get under viral infection from SARS-CoV-2.

They used these claims to argued that if you were trying to gain immunity, it was safer to get it via the vaccines than with infection by the virus.

In Part 1, I argued that the study that Manor and Howard used to make claim (1) did not actually measure all physiologically relevant spike protein. I also argued that we already had evidence that the levels of spike protein from the vaccines were physiologically relevant.

In this article, I’ll examine claim (2).

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