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Norm’s note: What follows is an ‘unrolled’ Twitter thread by Dr. Norman Fenton that you should be able to find HERE. Follow the links, of course. The preprint at issue can be found HERE.

1. Here’s our detailed response to the .@DrSusanOliver1 video (praised by many who should know better) which attempted to ridicule a preprint by BMJ Editor Peter Doshi et al on vaxx adverse reactions.


2. We welcome the responses of important influencers like .@ProfPHansen and .@d_spiegel who were so impressed with the video. The claims in it are highly misleading (and rather offensive); we show the evidence and a Bayes reanalysis supports Doshi et al

3. Also posted here:


Originally tweeted by Prof Norman Fenton (@profnfenton) on July 1, 2022.