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Against the Grain

A coup d´état under the guise of an ‘Orange Revolution’ is being prepared in Russia. The big picture and the details are given by Evgeny Fedorov, a deputy in the Russian parliament, and coordinator of the People’s Liberation Movement. The coup facilitator is the fifth column, which dominates the mass-media and public servants all the way up to government ministers, a point barely known within Russia, never mind outside. However, the people’s insurrection in Ukraine could wake up enough people in Russia to restore national sovereignty. In the next few years it will come to a head, with only two possible outcomes: the destruction of Russian civilization or the collapse of the American empire.

Major segments:
0:19:51 – Washington’s mechanisms of control via the fifth column in Ukraine (coup launched) and Russia (coup in preparation).
0:47:03 – Novorossia could mobilize an army big enough to liberate all Ukraine.
0:55:34 –…

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