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By George Galloway MP

January 08, 2015 “ICH” –  The terrorist murder of French journalists and police officers in Paris this morning must like all such actions be utterly condemned. Only hypocrites decry some such murders but not others. Hypocrites like among others the French government which has been facilitating exactly such carnage, except daily, in Syria for the last four years. And through the agency of the very same kind of terrorists as murdered the French citizens today.

The provocative actions of the publication Charlie Hebdo cannot possibly be a justification for murder, mass murder. The idea that God, the master of the worlds, the creator of the universes is in need of “revenge” against a small satirical publication in Paris is absurd and makes a mockery of Islam.

It was already difficult being a Muslim in France in the teeth of ceaseless provocation and the lash of racism and Islamophobia. Today it just got more difficult. Those who hate Muslims and their religion have been strengthened by these murders. The west in general appears locked on a course of confrontation with much of the Muslim world. Invasion, occupation, bombardment, provocation chase and are chased by Islamist fanaticism ever more savage and dangerous. It is the road to disaster, for all of us. We must turn back before it is too late.