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“In other words, in a move more akin to 17th century conquistadores confiscating Incan and Aztec gold, the economic raping of Greece would shift to an even higher level than it has since 2010 and 2012 . . . Not only would Greek economic assets be seized, ‘stripped’ and sold off as they decided, but so would Greek sovereignty and democracy be shredded.”

Jack Rasmus

Jack Rasmus

With Greece having agreed late last week to virtually all the Euro finance ministers’ prior demands for concessions, Euro ministers meeting in Brussels over the weekend, July 11-12, were expected to focus on discussing the terms for Greece’s debt restructuring in exchange for the latest Greek concessions. That is what Greek negotiators apparently expected—i.e. before the ministers’ hardline German-led faction raised further demands on Greece and ‘moved the negotiating goalposts’ yet again, to use a sports analogy, by proposing even more onerous requirements for a deal at Saturday’s July 11 finance ministers meeting.

On July 11 with Euro finance ministers arguing ‘violently’ with each other, according to the business press, the ministers meeting broke up. A tentative plan for Euro Union government heads to meet on Sunday to endorse a deal was cancelled. But that was followed by another last minute intervention by the French late Sunday, July 12, and…

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