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Of course, nothing about war is in the least bit funny, but occasionally what helps us cope with the madness is the fortuitous mercy of finding something in the midst of all the bleakness to laugh at — I could not but quote the following for you from a piece written by Ollie Richardson for Fort Russ, titled “Sociopath Media report — 22nd October, 2015:”

Lebanese Whispers

Leith Fadel, a good friend of Fort Russ, publishes daily reports on the developments in Syria, doing an honest public service, which, naturally, upsets the State Department trolls. With this tweet, he trolls the bedroom reporters in an epic manner. The geographical names he gives are purely fictional, and translate as “Bullshit hill, Stupid hill & Shit hill captured”. ‘Mark’ falls for this epic prank and, consequently, looks like an absolute moron. The reply by ‘Rebel44’ will finish you off – comedy gold!