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How selective solidarity and sympathy inevitably backs a divisive, jingoistic foreign policy

On Sunday evening, the first news reports started to come through that France had conducted its largest bombing campaign to date against an ‘ISIS stronghold’ in Raqqa, Syria. The Guardian referred to Raqqa as an ‘IS bastion’, and that the decision to launch such ‘massive, retaliatory airstrikes’ was an act of “self-defence”, according to french foreign minister, Laurent Fabius. These airstrikes follow Friday’s terror attacks in Paris that left over 140 people dead.

Speaking on the first day of the G20 summit in Turkey, Laurent Fabius claimed that

“France has always said that because she has been threatened and attacked by Daesh(ISIS), it would be normal that she would react in the framework of self-defence. That’s what we did today with the strikes on Raqqa..we can’t let Daesh act without reacting.”

Aside from drawing attention to the carefully selected language…

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