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Norm’s note: if you view only one video, even only  5 minutes of one video,  let it be the first 5 minutes of Part 4 of this series.  I’ll leave it at that because I’m pretty sure that if you start with that part of the last segment of Steele’s lecture, you will want view the entire series from start to finish, including those first 5 minutes of Part 4 a second time.

Part 1: Climate Sensitivity and Drought: Landscape Changes vs CO2

This segment discusses my personal work with local climate change, landscapes changes and wildlife, plus climate sensitivity and the attempts by advocates of CO2 theory to shut down sincere and much needed debate.

Part 2: Droughts and Heatwaves: Ocean Oscillations vs CO2 

In response to claims that CO2 had driven the recent California droughts, this segment compares CO2 driven models vs the effects of La Nina and the negative Pacific Decadal Oscillation.

Part 3: Recovering Whales, Ocean Acidification and Climate Horror Stories

Explores the connection between increased upwelling as we ascended from the LIttle Ice Age upwelling, recovering whales and ocean acidification.

Part 4: Penguins, Polar Bears and Sea Ice


Source: Landscapes and Cycles: An Environmentalist’s Journey to Climate Skepticism