Maybe some of you have been wondering, maybe not, but I was away from the P.C. yesterday and today.  I was out riding my motorcycle last Monday evening when my bro-in-law noticed I had a leaky front fork.

I got an over the phone quote from the ‘stealership’ that a front suspension overhaul would run me $600.00,  possibly more.

“Naw,” I thought, “I’ll do it myself.”  So yesterday I stripped the front of the bike down and got the ‘fork tubes’ into pieces.  Nice design, by the way — simple in its ingenuity.  Then I got on the net to order the bushing and seal kits that I needed.  The seals are already home, and the bushings should be here in the a.m. tomorrow.  Gotta love the net for that.  Total cost in parts, including fork oil: $110.00 CAD.  Then I bought a length of PVC pipe to MacGyver a seal and bushing driver for $5.97, instead of buying the mandatory (you absolutely must use this or else you will “destroy” your stanchions and lowers!) tool at a price of roughly $80.00 before taxes and postage.  I did a test run install of those parts with the “tool,” using the old parts, of course, and it worked to perfection 😉

I also did my parts cleaning and now I’m ready for re-assembly just as soon as the oil and bushings and ‘O’-rings arrive.  Tomorrow evening I should be on the road again with front suspension good for another 100,000 kilometers.

I may be absent for awhile yet, as I have some work to do on my ’05 Taurus,’ my ‘mud digger.’  I rebuilt the entire floorboard on the passenger side already, for a grand total of $17.00 plus change and, of course, a bit of elbow grease.  But now I have to crawl beneath the car and attack the rust cancer there, as well as in a wheel well at the rear.  I’ve always driven my cars from new until beyond repair.   It’s cheaper that way.

Anyway, a few pics, beginning with one of the Rhododendrons that I thought would not flower (the other did not, nor does it look as though it will):

A Rhododendron update for Carol A. Hand:

A motorcycle without a front end 😦
Still without it’s front end:
Motorcycle parts that I hope I’ll be able to put back together again:
More parts that I hope to reassemble:
What the bike usually looks like, quite literally, with the gear and all, for thousand kilometer journeys, and that’s chantal:
That’s chantal again, ready to go:
And this is a pan fry of speckle trout.  Yum! :
If ya don’t see or hear any sign from me for the next little while, you’ll know why.

Regards to all,