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American Everyman

by Scott Creighton

Whenever I write “free markets” you have to rub your nipples and moan. It’s a law now.

Say what you will about NASA, according to the story at least, we are the only country to have set foot on the moon, we have literally tons of satellites bouncing around in the stratosphere and supposedly at least, a remote controlled car running around on the surface on a celestial object for some unknown reason doing laps around dead rats, coke cans and various footprints in the sand. That’s too say nothing of Voyager roaming the cosmos kidnapping Federation Starship crew members and getting them to hook-up under the stars because… love.

During the neoliberal hey-day of the previous Clinton administration, space travel privatization was all the rage. NASA had a big budget and of course, anything with a big budget is automatically targeted for assimilation because as we…

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