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A reader called “Paul” recently emailed us this message:

I for one, do not care for your ‘9/11 was a inside job’ articles.

The insane re-addressing of a american terrorist incident that happened 15 years ago is actually very, very boring.

If your website wants to survive, then I would frankly do away with the 9/11 crap and get on with what is happening now.


Get some proper articles together because your website is getting like a very sad and f_cked up ‘Infowars’ based conspiracy channel.



Paul is probably not as plugged in to recent geopolitical history as he should be, but leaving that aside, we do realise some of our readers will be questioning our decision to cover the 9/11 fifteenth anniversary, so we thought we’d take this opportunity to talk about that.

Firstly, we think there’s no point in expending the effort involved in running…

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