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Jack Rasmus

The following is my commentary on special counsel, Mueller’s, public nine minute statement before the cameras today on the Trump investigation. Why no indictment. Why no impeachment yet. Despite massive evidence of obstruction of justice and the investigation, which continues still almost daily.

“Today special counsel Mueller went before the cameras and in nine minutes essentially said his report was all he had to say and he wouldn’t go before Congress, even if subpoenaed, to say anything else.

Mueller summarized his recent report in the nine minutes. Here’s what he concluded were its main points:

First, there was insufficient evidence to conclude Trump colluded to a criminal extent. Insufficient evidence. Not no evidence. Insufficient. And much of that was destroyed by Trump (erased emails). Or Mueller couldn’t get it because the Trump administration wouldn’t release it. Or key witnesses refused to testify to the Muller commission, including Donald Trump Jr…

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