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Oakland Socialist

by Roger Silverman in London
Curiouser and curiouser, as Alice might have said. Britain staggers towards its third general election in four years, under an unelected Prime Minister who has won not a single vote in

Former Conservative Member of Parliament Phillip Lee literally crosses aisle, defecting to the Liberal Democrats while Boris Johnson is speaking to Parliament.

parliament and reacts by shutting it down. He watches his wafer-thin parliamentary majority literally vanish in the course of his first speech, and goes on to expel dozens of his former ministerial colleagues, including the grandson of his chosen role model, Winston Churchill. Meanwhile, his own brother gives up politics rather than endure any longer the “tension between family loyalty and the national interest”.

What next? Outright defiance of a parliamentary vote? Advice to Her Majesty to withhold royal assent? Proposing a vote of no confidence in his own government? Vetoing his…

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