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Oakland Socialist

British Labour Party conference, 2019

By Roger Silverman, delegate

It shouldn’t surprise many of us to learn that the recent Labour Party conference was nothing remotely like the press and media reports. For them, it was a disaster: rival factions were tearing the party to pieces over Brexit and anti-semitism, and Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership was finished. This was not the conference I attended, as delegate from my constituency party.

The first thing the media reports omitted to mention was the programme put forward in an advance preview of the coming election manifesto, in successive speeches by Labour shadow ministers including John McDonnell and Jeremy Corbyn. These were the most radical policies by far since 1945, including…

  • A comprehensive programme for a green industrial revolution; zero emissions by 2030;

  • The introduction over ten years of a 32-hour working week;

  • Renationalisation of electricity, gas, water, railways and the post office;

  • The National…

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