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Jack Rasmus

The following are some of my Twitter posts for the past month of November 2019. Brief takes on events, surveys, reports, and matters of interest on US and global economy and politics–including trade wars, the Fed, healthcare costs, US wages & productivity, recession, and commentary on Trump and Democrat political candidates for President.

Dec 2

Trump reinstates tariffs on Brazil/Argentina steel. Why? USMCA trade deal frozen + China mini deal in trouble. So open trade wars elsewhere to divert attention from failing trade policy. Besides, how dare Brazil-Argentina dare cut deals on soybeans & wheat with China!

Dec 2

Wave of Bloomberg TV ads now hitting all sections of country as he launches his presidential bid. Details suggest he’s more ‘left’ than Warren and a flaming NY progressive. But billionaires say what they think folks want to hear, then deliver for the rich (aka Donald)

Nov 27

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