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Source: Swiss Policy Research: Facts about Covid-19

Overview diagrams

Global Covid mortality compared to earlier pandemics
Worlwide “cases” versus deaths
Sweden: Predicted deaths vs. reality
Corona deaths: Sweden vs. New York
Corona deaths: Sweden vs. England
Sweden: All-cause mortality (Nov. to May) since 1990
US: Daily Covid deaths
US overall mortality 2020 vs. 2018
US: Age-adjusted death rate since 1900 (CDC)
US: Percentage of care home deaths
Percentage of care home deaths
US recessions in comparison
UK: Mortality 2020 vs. 2000
UK: Mortality 2020 (shifted) vs. 1999 and 2000
Switzerland: Mortality vs. expected value (2010-2020)
Germany: Mortality (2017 to 2020)