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[Norm’s note (15/03/2021): Well, it appears that YouTube has decided to “delete” FranceSoir and all of its content. That should be a warning to all content producers: videos need to be distributed across multiple platforms. Fortunately, if not the interview at hand, FranceSoir still hosts Michael Swinwood’s legal brief in print. For those interested, simply follow this link and attend to the content below the now absent YouTube video: crime against humanity and genocide

Also, for what it may be worth, FranceSoir has put out a petition that you can sign to signal to YouTube your displeasure toward its unwarranted and heavy handed censorship of any information that runs counter to any narrative with which it aligns: Je signe la pétition]

This interview is in English [sous-titres disponibles en français – les activer s’ils ne se lancent pas automatiquement]:

Me Michael Swinwood – Plainte pour génocide et crime contre l’humanité [VOSTFR] – YouTube

From the YouTube summary:

La particularité de cette plainte est qu’elle revient sur l’histoire et la formation du Canada,. Michael Swinwood, avocat spécialiste des questions indigènes, connait bien les notions de génocides perpétrés contre ceux qu’il appelle les « Red skins », les Peaux-Rouges. Nous retrouvons donc côte à côte le pape, la reine Elizabeth,, l’OMS, Bill Gates… https://www.francesoir.fr/opinions-en… Debriefing en partenariat avec BonSens.org

Software translation of the YouTube summary:

The peculiarity of this complaint is that it looks back at the history and formation of Canada. Michael Swinwood, a lawyer specializing in indigenous issues, is familiar with the notions of genocide perpetrated against those he calls the “Red Skins”.  Side by side, then, we find the pope, Queen Elizabeth, WHO, Bill Gates… https://www.francesoir.fr/opinions-en… Debriefing in partnership with BonSens.org


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