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Norm’s note: If I could, I would embed this video, but I’m at a loss . . . However, you can easily view and listen to this interview with Dr. Peter A. McCullough simply by following up this link: Dr. Peter A. McCullough – Most authoritative US doctor on Covid treatment – June 11 2021

The Odysee summary reads as follows:

“Dr. Peter McCullough is a cardiologist and Deputy Chief Physician at Baylor University Hospital. He’s has the C-19 illness himself, his father had had it and he’s a death in the family because of it. He feels he’s one of the most authoritative doctors to speak about what treatment is appropriate for the disease. He’s testified to the Texas senate on this aspect. On June 11th 2021 he shared his findings with the German Corona investigative Committee of lawyers headed by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich. This is the full english language recording of his testimony with German translation edited out.

“Controversially, he’s saying here that in the Covid crisis we are all coming under a kind of bio-terrorist attack.”