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Source: Richard Fleming PhD, MD, JD

The pdf of the slides is on the website along with pdfs of the papers I showed.


All my best, Dr. Fleming

Another important link from Dr. Fleming: Documentation

Rumble — This is the first part of EVENT 2021 presented in Dallas, TX on 5 June 2021. Over the next two weeks we will post the full 15 part presentation.

Part 1- https://rumble.com/vio3gh-event-2021-part-1..html

Rumble — This presentation picks up from Part 1 posted yesterday 17 June 2021.

 2. Part 2 – https://rumble.com/vipgvn-event-2021-part-2.html

Rumble — Learn about the Fleming Inflammation and Heart Disease Theory and how in 1994 this first explained why viruses like SARS-CoV-2 produce an Inflammatory and Clotting Disease which you know as COVID-19.

 3. Part 3 – https://rumble.com/viqyr5-event-2021-part-3.html

Rumble — In this segment we will look at drugs useful for treating SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19. We will also talk about Drug Vaccines and the importance of memory cells.

4. Part 4 – https://rumble.com/visgr1-event-2021-part-4..html

Rumble — We will continue to look at how clinical research is conducted and we will also look back at history and see what happened during the Swine Flu scares of the mid 1970s.

5. Part 5 – https://rumble.com/viu3op-event-2021-part-5.html

Rumble — From Swine Flu to the EUA dcouments. What do the EUA documents really say? 
6. Part 6 – https://rumble.com/viw1kj-event-2021-part-6.html

 Rumble — What do the EUA documents really show us?
7. Part 7 – https://rumble.com/vixrtl-event-2021-part-7.html

 Rumble — Dr. Li-Meng Yan talks briefly at EVENT 2021. True integrity!!!
8. Part 8 – https://rumble.com/vixstd-event-2021-part-8.html

 9. Part 9 – Temporarily missing with videographer

Rumble — We begin with the controversial video that raises several questions. Why would someone create such a video? Why hasn’t it been removed? Where is the rest of the video reportedly made?

10. Part 10 – https://rumble.com/vizfan-event-2021-part-10.html

Rumble — Empowering you to take action to address those responsible for this Gain-of-Function Bioweapon. May the odds be ever in your favor!
 11. Part 11 – https://rumble.com/vj16fr-event-2021-part-11-hope-following-action..html

Rumble — We continue to discuss a variety of topics.
 12. Part 12 – https://rumble.com/vj2mjd-event-2021-part-12.html

Rumble — We will discuss Informed Consent and Violation of International Laws.
Let’s look at the Package Inserts to see what risks and benefits there are for Pfizer, Moderna and Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) drug vaccine biologics.
 13. Part 13 – https://rumble.com/vj2n0l-event-2021-part-13.html

Rumble — We continue to look at the suppression of medical care.
 14. Part 14 – https://rumble.com/vj6lcr-event-2021-part-14.html

Rumble — A Call to Action and Information About the Best Evidence for Treatments of SARS-CoV-2/ COVID-19, Vaccine Injury & Shedding.
 15. Part 15 – https://rumble.com/vj6mlr-event-2021-part-15.html