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Dear Reader,

We are appealing to our CCCA website subscribers to view, and consider signing, an Open Letter in support for one of our members, Professor Byram Bridle. We feel that he has been unfairly targeted for expression of his concerns with respect to the mass vaccination of children and young adults for COVID-19 with the currently used vaccines. 

Here’s the background:

Recently, a number of Professor Bridle’s academic colleagues at the University of Guelph published an accusatory Position Statement in a blog calling for the silencing of Professor Bridle’s questions and concerns regarding the safety of SARS-CoV-2 vaccines.  This group’s Position Statement declared: “Therefore, we wish to state publicly that as scientists, faculty, and/or staff of the University of Guelph we stand firmly against the continued spread of factually incorrect and misleading information that is being disseminated by Dr. Bridle.”  We believe that this Position Statement was created as an attack on the research work and opinions expressed by Dr. Bridle in the CCCA-endorsed report entitled,  “COVID-19 Vaccines and Children: A Scientist’s Guide for Parents”.   

In contrast to that group’s broad-sweeping Position Statement, it turns out that colleagues, faculty, staff and students within the University of Guelph, along with those from other university institutions, do NOT feel that the information Professor Bridle is sharing is “misleading” or “factually incorrect”.  Many are also alarmed by the Position Statement’s call for the silencing of Dr. Bridle. This coalition across several universities and other institutions, believes that it is imperative that Professor Bridle be able to alert the Canadian public on matters of great concern to our community even if it means going against the public narrative. Since Professor Bridle’s opinions are based on the scientific literature and sound deductive reasoning, this coalition believes he has every right to make his opinions known to the public, and the public should have the opportunity to be aware of them. This is a critical aspect of academic freedom and must NOT be curtailed even, and especially, when there may not be full agreement with all of the offered opinions.  Public debate and discourse is good for science; censorship and one-sided monologues are not.

In this light, several of Professor Bridle’s colleagues elected to respond to the Position Statement by composing an Open Letter in support of Professor Bridle’s right to free speech and the scientific basis of his opinions, which are being attacked in the cancel culture environment that has permeated our society. The purpose of this Open Letter is to inform the general public of the kind of censorship that is being advocated by some within the academic community, and witnessed as a widespread practice in main stream media.  

Call to action:

If you wish to actively support this Open Letter endorsing the importance of Dr. Bridle’s right to free speech and the sharing of his research findings, we invite you to click on the appropriate button below to add your name to the growing list of signatories.  We will be sharing this Open Letter with the Senior Administration at the University of Guelph and elsewhere, showing them the level of support for Dr. Bridle’s important work, and reminding them of the importance of upholding the standards of academic freedom in their institution, which underpins the integrity of scholarly pursuit in our universities world-wide.

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