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[Norm’s note (Octobert 20th, 2021): NTB — This paper has been removed from SSRN at the request of the author, SSRN, or the rights holder. But you can still read it below, as I’ve managed to find a PDF version still posted on the web and that I’ve downloaded. Just follow the link, which I’ve updated, at the end of the post.]

Hat tip: Nick Hudson

Young adult mortality in Israel during time of COVID-19 crisis

Dr Steve Ohana1and Dr Alexandra Henrion-Caude2

1E-mail: steve.ohana@gmail.com

2SimplissimA Research Institute, Port-Louis, Mauritius–E-mail: a.caude@simplissima.org


Herein, we analyzed the mortality in Israel during time of COVID-19 crisis, focusing on the young adult age group below 50 years old, for their susceptibility to COVID-19 mortality is low. Mostly based on the online data from the Central Bureau of Statistics of Israel, we observed an unexpected rise of excess mortality among the 20 to 49-year-olds in February-March 2021. Noteworthy, excess mortality within those young age groups is scarcely observed, with low number of deaths that are usually caused by wars. We examined whether COVID-19 could account for this excess mortality. Inconsistency between the overall excess deaths and the number of reported COVID-19 deaths in this age group led to consider other potential causes: accident and vaccination. In fact, the surge in mortality coincides with the beginning of the Israeli vaccination campaign, which has reached more than 75% of individuals within this age group. Such unexpected rise in excess mortality in young adults was also found in two other countries, the United Kingdom and Hungary, which have in common with Israel to have massively injected their populations. Thus, our observations should prompt to pause the campaign, while clarifying the underlying reasons of those excess mortalities, all the more in the context of a low mortality risk from COVID-19 within adults below the age of 50.

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