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Norm’s note: a withering critique of the ubiquitous madness. Well worth the time. A breath of fresh air.

Source: FranceSoir

View the ‘debriefing’ with Dr. Hodkinson ========> HERE <========

Dr Roger Hodkinson FSJ

Auteur(s): FranceSoir

Speaking from Canada, pathologist Dr. Roger Hodkinson, former Assistant Professor at the University of Alberta, now Executive Chairman of Bio-ID Diagnostic Inc. (marketing patented technologies in DNA diagnostics), expresses serious concerns in relation to the novel Covid vaccines. They have, he says, been rushed to market on a propaganda tidal wave. In his view, there is nothing to justify such reckless haste : Covid-19 is little worse than a bad seasonal flu.

Of his long career, his greatest credential, he says, is to have taken on Big Tobacco as Honorary Chairman of Action on Smoking and Health (ASH). In March 2020 as Governments worldwide began to impose unprecedented measures starting with lockdown and the mask mandate, Dr. Hodkinson decided to « stand up and be counted ». Although he has sympathy for his fellow doctors, under massive pressure from the authorities to toe the line, he believes they have only too readily caved in and opted for « revenue over ethics ».

With characterisic fire, Dr. Roger Hodkinson pours scorn on the fearmongering designed to herd the population towards vaccination, and on the conduct of individuals such as Neil Ferguson or Anthony Fauci, whom he deems responsible for millions of deaths. From any reasonable public health standpoint, he says, what we are living through is a flat-out nightmare.

Debriefing in collaboration with BonSens.org

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View the ‘debriefing’ with Dr. Hodkinson ========> HERE <========