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Source: Rounding the Earth Newsletter

These Vaccines are Ineffective: A Play in Three Acts

By Mathew Crawford

20 November 2021

And I think it’s because good cons are all based on the victim’s need, and the successful con artist is the one, I guess, who can exploit that. I remember reading something about this, that one of the great traits of confidence tricksters is the level that they flatter their victim. -Alfred Molina


I never conceived of writing a hundred articles in this series, and there are more series offshoots, but here we are. The world is spiraling further out of control, and the situation is only getting worse.

I am still managing fallout from a complete home flooding, and will be for several weeks, so it is hard to keep up with all of the topics I would like to analyze and document, but today I took the step of interviewing with Steve Kirsch to at least lay out the story of the false evidence of vaccine efficacy. In doing so, I introduced several pieces of the story that I believe will be new to many people, including even RTE readers.

Immunodeficiency and Autoimmune Disorders as the Hidden Comorbidity

I am working on a long form article (or multiple parts) to lay out this topic, but this requires reading and synthesizing dozens of studies. Even with the help of my wife, a biochemist, geneticist, and bioterrorism specialist, this takes substantial time. Just know that it’s coming and it’s important. And by important I mean it’s the 37th reason you should strongly distrust authorities pushing the official narrative. I’ll go ahead and spoil the result now and back it up later: almost everyone who dies from COVID-19 has a critical immunodeficiency or autoimmune disorder. These may include one or two you’ve never heard of, even if you are a healthcare professional. This throws all risk-benefit analyses of vaccines out the window for healthy individuals.

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Norm’s note: If you haven’t read it, a study that independently corroborates Mathew Crawford’s thesis: Why are we vaccinating children against COVID-19? — Ronald N. Kostoff et al. | ScienceDirect

And after you have a gander at the Kostoff et al. study, don’t neglect this: Covid-19: Researcher blows the whistle on data integrity issues in Pfizer’s vaccine trial

And of course, Mathew Crawford’s piece is replete with links directing you to other must read and view sources . . .