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Source: Dr. David Healy: Psychiatrist. Psychopharmacologist. Scientist. Author.

New England Journal of Misinformation

By Dr. David Healy

(See update at end of article).

Bri Dressen was a key figure behind the Washington DC November 2 event reported in Mandated Harms,  Her testimony at this meeting features Here and Here.

She followed up this testimony by writing to the New England Journal of Medicine which until recently was viewed as one of the most prestigious medical journals in the world – Americans would say the most prestigious.

Brianne Dressen Letter

I was a participant in Astra-Zeneca’s Covid-19 vaccine trial [1]. I suffered serious and severe adverse effects after the first dose of AZC1222, was disabled and remain so today.

I write to request inaccuracies in the trial publication be corrected, and to demand complete reporting of the trial publication and results.

The authors state that 180 AZD1222 recipients “withdrew” and “all serious adverse events will be recorded from the time of informed consent through day 730.” This is inaccurate. During hospitalization due to my adverse events, the trial investigators unblinded me, saw that I had received AZD1222 and recommended that I not receive the second dose. The trial smartphone app was subsequently disabled on my phone. I did not withdraw. I was withdrawn, and AstraZeneca chose to stop collecting my data after 60 days despite the fact that I remain with persistent symptoms one year later.

The trial publication lacks complete reporting of my adverse events, and readers are not informed that the trial smartphone app did not allow study participants to record adverse events in their own words.

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