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Hayley Hodgson, 26, moved to Darwin from Melbourne to escape the never-ending lockdowns — only to find herself locked up in a Covid Internment Camp without even having the virus.

She’s just returned from a 14-day detention at Howard Springs, the 2000-capacity Covid camp outside Darwin to which regional Covid cases are transported by the authorities. In an exclusive interview with Freddie Sayers, she recounted her experiences.

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00:0001:53 – Introduction

01:5305:38 – How did Hayley end up in Howard Springs, Australia’s COVID camp?

05:3807:18 – “Get in the COVID cab or get a $5,000 fine”

07:1809:54 – Hayley arrives at Howard Springs

09:5412:31 – Australia’s COVID camps threaten Hayley with a fine

12:3113:04 – Hayley is offered Valium for the distress caused by the camp

13:0414:45 – Hayley has lost her job because of her stay at Howard Springs

14:4516:29 – What is happening to Australia?

16:2918:31 – What’s next for Hayley after her stay at the COVID camp?

18:3119:33 – Escape from Victoria: Inmates flee Howard Springs

19:33 – 20:16 – Concluding thoughts