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Source: Riggery Pokery

It’s logic, Jim, but not as we know it

By Rudolph Rigger

December 01, 2021

I know it’s hard, but cast your mind back nearly two years. Back to a time when things seemed to make some kind of sense. Unless you were talking to someone possessed by post-modernist claptrap you could have arguments in which logic played some role in the proceedings.

I don’t know how it played out in other countries, but in the UK when covid first reared its fugly spikes there was, at least, some internal logic to the proposed measures to combat this super-deadly unprecedented relatively medically-minor pandemic.

SARS-CoV-2 was known to be quite infectious. There was, then, the potential for health services to become overwhelmed as lots of people got ill in a very short timescale. Something, it was said, needed to be done to slow things down a bit so that health services could cope.

That was the argument – and it does have some internal logic.

The method adopted to attempt to achieve this slowing down was lockdown. Three weeks to flatten the curve, or “squash the sombrero” as our Bumbling Buffoon Boris, in a fit of cultural misappropriation, colourfully said.

That was the last time Mr & Mrs Logic were seen on Earth. They went on vacation in search of a sombrero galaxy to squash.

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