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Dog whistles – nothing to hear, or see, here — Rudolph Rigger

By Rudolph Rigger

I was doing a Google search on “Impfung macht frei” to try to see if that was good German. After all, the standard refrain used to be “the vaccines will set us free” – they were seen as the way out of the mess. A mess imposed upon us by our own governments – but usually attributed to the virus itself (yet another of its magical properties).

Apparently if you use the German version of this term – because, quite legitimately, you want to draw parallels between techniques used by a certain government back then and lots of governments now – you’re some kind of right-wing peddler of misinformation according to most of Google’s search results.

Using this term is, allegedly, some kind of “dog-whistle”, a sort of not-so-secret Masonic-style indicator that you belong back in those dark times. Which is kind of weird, because the people who are actually talking and behaving as if they were back in those dark times are not the people using this phrase. The people using this phrase want people to be free to live their lives with dignity, decency and humanity.

If that’s what it take to be a rabid right-winger these days – then sign me up.

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