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Source: Riggery Pokery

The New Jerusalem is in Sight

By Rudolph Rigger

December 04, 2021

And did those spikes in ancient time
Cough upon England’s mountains green?
And was the holy Jab of Pharm
In England’s pleasant triceps seen?

And did the Pfizernance Divine
Shine forth upon our clouded minds?
And was Jerusalem builded (back better) here
To bring us dark Satanic times?

Bring me my mask of useless fold:
Bring me my lockdowns of despair:
Bring me my jab: with clots untold!
Bring me my programming of fear.

I will not cease from mental fright,
Nor shall my Pass sleep in my hand
Till we have built this Hell on Earth
In England’s green and pleasant land.

Just what kind of society are we building back “better” here?

I suppose if you’re Pfizer’s CEO, life, like your bank account and stock options, must be on the up and up.

For the rest of us – the outlook is very bleak – unless we stop this insanity. There are some who relish the drama; the maniacal maskers, the vainglorious vaxxers, the querulous quarantiners, and the psychotic sanitizers. These people, alas, will probably never overcome the damage to their minds, their psyches and their spirits. They are lost in a covid-constructed dystopian fantasy not entirely of their own making, but ultimately entirely of their own responsibility.

But there are many more who, whilst nevertheless compliant, can see that something is very, very seriously wrong. It is this great swathe of people in the middle who we need to keep winning over. And we are winning.

Despite the relentless propaganda, despite the billions spent convincing us to be fearful of the air we breathe, they are losing ground. Once you see the tricks they are playing – you can’t unsee them.

They are losing ground.

Don’t let them build their New Jerusalem here – or anywhere. Stand firm.