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Update (1/11/2021): found a substitute if longer version of the original video that Twitter does not want you to view:

Update: didn’t see that coming, eh. Twitter, the social media platform that is all about free speech and truth, deleting a candid video in which a pharmacist demonstrates and admits to his utter ignorance about what he has been telling all who he has been injecting is a “safe and effective” product. Oh well, what can you do except underscore the fact that absolutely no censorship of any genuine information is happening anywhere in both social and legacy media.

Norm’s note: “I shouldn’t be giving these vaccines, but that’s what I’m told to do.” How many other pharmacists out there are just doing what they are told to do? Right. Pretty much all of them. In essence, and as per the law and medical ethics, everyone who has taken the vaccines has been assaulted. Literally.