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In the scientific community it is generally accepted that meta-analyses are more accurate than single studies and independent studies more trustworthy than industrial studies. It is therefore understandable that Cochrane reviews, meta-analyses based on rigid protocol and independent origin, have the highest quality in medical research. It is therefore unfortunate that Cochrane reviews seems systematically to conflict with the information and recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO). A number of the drugs and vaccines recommended by WHO, especially the drugs used in psychiatry, are in Cochrane reviews found to be harmful and without significant clinical effect. Since whose recommendations are followed by many people in the member states, it could indeed lead to patients getting the wrong medication and many patients have severe adverse effects, because of these drugs. To solve this serious public health problem it is recommended to revise the WHO-system, which in fact has been proven weak to the interests of the pharmaceutical industry. We therefore believe that the WHO’s recommendations regarding medicine in its “list of essential medicines” and other drug directories are biased and not reliable as a source of information on medicine.

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