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As in all things social and political, things are more complicated than it’s “the West” vs. “the East.” The real division in the world, to my mind, in all existing societies, is between the ‘top’ and the ‘bottom.’ Most of us are blinkered by propaganda and the comfort of our lives, and don’t know it. War is an atrocity. There is no justification for it, especially that waged by any modern state, be it Russian or American or whatever.

— Norm

Hat tip : Jeremy Morris

Charlie walker

Many thousands of Russians have protested against the war in Ukraine, and have been imprisoned for doing so. However, the available public opinion data suggest that we should not expect hundreds of thousands of people to take to the streets anytime soon. This is not only because of the obvious dangers of social protest in an increasingly authoritarian state, but because a large proportion of the broad mass of the Russian population either supports the war or, at least, does not object to or condemn it.

The first reasonably reliable information we have on the attitudes of Russians towards the war came from representative surveys conducted by polling agencies VTSIOM and FOM (the former state-owned, the latter having the presidential administration as its key client) during the first 3 days after the war started. The headline results were that around 65% of Russians were in favour of the war, and…

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